“Peak Answers has a strong group of experienced B2B interviewers who get to grips with the more technical aspects of the research topic.”

Dave Hassall, Owner, DH Research Ltd

Specialists In Online Data Collection Services (CAWI) & Online Surveys

For certain audiences, online data collection can offer benefits in terms of cost and speed over more traditional data collection methods. Our staff are capable of realising those benefits for your business.

Just some of the high quality services we provide include:

Survey Programming and Hosting

Online surveys need to be engaging for respondents and simple to follow. We will work with you to produce effective online questionnaires and will can take care of all the technical details to get your online data collection project up and running.

Customer Interviewing

If email addresses are available, we can administer and host an email invitation to an online survey across your customer base, sometimes running a parallel telephone survey to help maximise response rates.

General Public Interviewing

We have access to a wide range of respondent panels, so that we can quickly target both general public and more niche audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mixed Mode Interviewing

Even on telephone surveys there is sometimes a benefit to be able to show respondents an image or series of questions on a screen. We have the capability to handle ‘recruit to web’ or ‘switch to web’ projects to seamlessly harness the benefits of the different data collection methods.

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