“I always feel very confident when discussing a potential project with one of my clients because I know Peak Answers will do a great job if research is required.”

Philip Lucas, Director, The Education Marketing Practice

Specialists in (CATI) telephone data collection services

Our experienced staff are experts at getting you the information you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Just some of the high quality services we provide include:

Business Interviewing

Our staff are trained to deal with business respondents from CEOs to inbound call ‘gate-keepers’, on a wide range of topics. Professional and personable, our staff are skilled at engaging the cooperation of busy audiences.

Consumer Interviewing

Our staff have the expertise to capture relevant data points from open-ended surveys and questions.

International Fieldwork

Over the years we have interviewed many overseas audiences from Turkish farmers to Peruvian rail safety managers. If your project involves international dialling, please give us a call and we can advise on the best approach.

Qualitative Recruitment

Our clients often call on us to recruit the respondents that they need to attend focus group discussions or take part in one-to-one depth interviews; we understand the importance of getting the right people recruited at the right time, leaving our clients free to focus on the research objectives of the project rather than the administrative details.

Qualitative Interviewing

In studies where a structured questionnaire is not appropriate, we can draw on a team skilled in specialised area of administering open-ended or semi-structured questionnaires.

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